“I had the ImuPro test done in January 2014, I tested positive for intolerances to a number of foods that I ate daily. I was very serious about trying to feel better so I followed the recommendations very closely and felt better within a week. All of my symptoms ceased, I lost around 5 kilos and I feel great. I have become used to my new diet now which was hard, but it is a lifestyle change I have had to make to feel better. Since taking the test I have had three other friends ask about ImuPro and my results, they have also done the test and are now aware of their intolerances to food. Before the test I’d had my symptoms for around two years, I had different test and procedures and doctors told me I had nothing wrong, ImuPro has honestly changed my life for the better. Thank you.”

Note: Please consult your practitioner first if you have any types of symptoms mentioned in this report.

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