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The Imupro Concept

Individual nutritional analysis & personalised guidance

ImuPro is a concept that combines a sophisticated and reliable blood analysis for IgG food allergies with our unique post-test guidance. Up to 270 foods are tested. Together with your test results you will receive your individual nutritional concept - your building blocks to a healthier life.

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Your trusted companion on your path to better health

Your test results and your personal nutritional guidelines will help you find to the foods that are good for you and to pinpoint your individual "trigger foods". By avoiding the foods that cause you problems, inflammatory processes can be reduced or even stopped and your body can recover.

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Are you suffering from the following symptoms?

ImuPro - When the right foods are important

Testimonial by Maya Geller

A lot of patients all over the world have done the ImuPro test and followed their personalized nutritional guidelines with great success. As a result of the ImuPro diet, their symptoms improved or they even got completely rid of them.

One of these patients is Maya Geller: “Thank you for the key to my wellbeing and the light you shed upon 18 years of suffering. This test changed my life.”

Find out more about how ImuPro helped Maya to gain her health again.

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Quick Check

Quick Check

There are many reasons why certain foodstuffs might not be well tolerated, causing symptoms such as bloating, diarrhoea, migraine or skin problems. These health-related problems may be caused by a classic IgE food allergy, a delayed IgG food allergy or by food intolerances (e. g. lactose intolerance, histamine intolerance).

Do you suspect food hypersensitivities might be responsible for your complaints? Get first indications with the Quick Check.

Your Imupro Options

Choose the ImuPro test that is the most appropriate for you: The options range from a purely diagnostic test to a comprehensive solution with personalised nutritional guidance and recipes tailored to your personal needs.

  1. ImuPro Basic – the trusted guide

    ImuPro Basic tests the 90 most important foods, such as typical kinds of meat, vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy products and chicken egg. You will receive a comprehensive report and personal nutritional guidelines.

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  2. ImuPro Complete – the comprehensive companion

    ImuPro Complete tests 270 foods and additives. It analyses the typical kinds of meat, vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy products and egg. Their alternatives are also tested, plus region-specific foods, a huge number of spices, tea, coffee, wine, thickening agents and preservatives.

    You will receive a comprehensive report, personal nutritional guidelines and recipes specifically tailored to your personal needs.

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