Thomas H.


“I have suffered from migraine for years and years. Three stays in pain clinics relieved the weekly attacks for a short period only.

Then I heard about the ImuPro test from a relative. After about ten weeks of the recommended change in diet, I can say that my condition has improved by 50 per cent. The change in diet has not been easy since, in my case, I had to do without yeast and sour dough (since it is made from rye flour), among other things. So no bread??? Fortunately, there are granules that you can use to prepare wheat sour dough and, thus, baking my own bread was the order of the day. Very delicious – we have stuck to this habit until today.

The most important discovery was the checking of food for ingredients. You just cannot believe which products industry adds sugar to: ketchup, mustard, boiled ham, salami etc. I found food for my needs in whole food shops and health food shops. Dairy products (cow’s milk) could be compensated for easily by using soybean products and goat’s milk and cheese.

I must also mention two other positive side effects of my change in diet:

  • I have lost weight – without going hungry
  • My blood pressure has stabilised within normal limits”

Note: Please consult your practitioner first if you have any types of symptoms mentioned in this report.

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