Iris F.


“My problem was that I was suffering from frequent migraine attacks. Since I am a self-employed pedicurist with my own practice at home, this meant a permanent loss of earnings to me since I was not able to treat my patients when I had a migraine. My sister advised me to have the ImuPro test done. So I consulted my family doctor and he sent my blood sample to the lab. After he had received the ImuPro documents, we discussed the topic.

I can report that I have no longer had any migraine attacks since I have changed my diet and avoid the food tested IgG positive. I have only had three attacks since then, when I consumed food that I definitely should not eat. Another important additional point for me was: If you stick to the food you are allowed to eat you will probably lose weight.

I am not afraid to continue to “promote” this test, since I think that it is not all in the mind that my migraine attacks have reduced to a minimum (it is my fault that they have not completely disappeared). Before, I had suffered from these attacks every few weeks.

The test helped me. I am happy that I have lost weight and I am happy that I have fewer migraines.”

Note: Please consult your practitioner first if you have any types of symptoms mentioned in this report.

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