Florian C. – Individual strength coach, previous national level Rugby player


“My personal experience is very positive. I took the most extensive ImuPro test (270 foods) to verify the proficiency of everything, so that I could base my further recommendations to my clients on a maximum of impacts.  I first avoided all the foods which were mentioned. While doing this, I was able to note more ease of my physiological movements. The transition became more efficient in terms of quality as well as frequency. For me, this test is a first step towards a real personalized diet. The test also taught me a better understanding of my body functions in relationship to foods. I have been able to optimize my feeling of wellbeing and achievements on a personal level as well as in my professional job as private trainer. I voluntarily invite my clients to discover the effect of the ImuPro test and the associated recommendations.

I have the impression that my client’s experiences with the test are rather dependent on their personal commitment to follow the method. My conclusion:  In my personal case, it was an excellent discovery. It was really beneficial for me. In our modern society geared towards consumption, this test is a step ahead of the current tendencies which seems very distant to concerns about quantity as well as quality. This method permits to learn some more about one self. This is important today in our society where the individual has little time for him/herself and also only little time for learning about him/herself. So here is a method for improving one’s health provided that the method is followed.

Note: Please consult your practitioner first if you have any types of symptoms mentioned in this report.

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