Dr. Mulham Yassin

Dubai, UAE

What is your specialization in medicine and in your surgery?

I am an ENT Specialist and a qualified surgeon, practicing in Saama Medical Centre in Dubai.

How long is your experience with ImuPro?

I have been using the test in my daily practice for eight years now.

What does ImuPro mean to you? What is its relevance for you as a doctor?

ImuPro is a basic and essential diagnostic method for ENT diseases in childhood and gives the solution for those cases which other methods could not solve. ImuPro reduced the surgical operations in my practice for 60-70%. I can say that ImuPro helps in most of the cases of adenoiditis, ethmoiditis, chronic otitis media, asthma, skin problems and behavior disorders in childhood. In adults it is for me an obligatory and the most important diagnostic method for chronic sinusitis, headache, asthma, reflux and gastrointestinal diseases.

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