Dr. Eric Kiener

Château-d’Œx, Switzerland

What is your specialization in medicine and in your surgery?

I have specialized in General Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Homeopathy and Western Phytotherapy (herbal therapy).

How long is your experience with ImuPro?

In 2005, I heard about ImuPro for the first time; I had been looking for quite a while for a test which could search for incompatibilities concerning immunity on a nutriment field. Since then, I have recommended the test to a large number of my patients.

What does ImuPro mean to you? What is its relevance for you as a doctor?

Nowadays I see ImuPro as a bonus in the treatment of chronic diseases as well as infectious or auto-immune diseases. Even some of my cancerous patients have profited from the change in diet; also those who have degenerations problems have been profiting from the benefits of ImuPro. They take less allopathic remedies and recover to a healthy state faster.

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