Anna Bartnicka

Poznan, Poland

What is your specialization in medicine and in your surgery?

I am going to graduate with a PhD from Poznan University of Medical Sciences in the near future; I also have a Master of Laboratory Medicine in the Faculty of Pharmacy.

How long is your experience with ImuPro?

I have been working with ImuPro for six years now. During this time I have received great feedback from patients concerning the improvement of their condition. We are working with patients with autoimmune diseases, children with AD(H)D, patients with atopic diseases and other skin lesions, patients with infertility, patients with IBS and others. Very often the patients who come to our Institute are those whom other doctors could not help. When I get the feedback that following the diet recommendations according to ImuPro, a couple is in fact expecting a baby or the parents of a child with AD(H)D observe an improvement in the behavior I am reassured in the conviction that what I do is going in the right direction.

What does ImuPro mean to you? What is its relevance for you as a doctor?

I have a holistic approach to health and I believe that prevention is better than curing. I am working with ImuPro, because I am able to help my patients achieve a better condition without using medications or reducing their amount only through a diet. If a diet can reduce so many problems and symptoms why not take this route?

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