Metabolic Disorders

  • Marion B. – Germany

    "I have been suffering from migraines, swollen feet and hands and weight gain for years."

  • A. V. – Germany

    "My blood pressure had increased dramatically, I had developed chronic gastritis, suffered from feeling sick frequently, diarrhoea, colic, heartburn, mood swings and I felt tired and weak."

  • Louise M. – France

    "I tried just everything to lose weight. Also, I was plagued for many years with constipation, headache, bloating."

  • Khalil S. – Jordan

    "I have always had a hard time losing weight."

  • Judith G. – Germany

    "I was suffering from constant constipation, migraine and premenstrual syndrome (PMS)."

  • Mr. C.F. – France

    "My intestinal wall had probably become hyper-permeable."