Cookies and gingerbread – they simply go hand in hand with Christmas. However, it is these particular treats that cause allergy sufferers a lot of problems. Consuming vanilla crescents can result in breathing difficulties, a piece of gingerbread can trigger an itchy skin reaction, and despite the enjoyment of eating a baked apple, this can cause your eyes to swell.

These are typical symptoms of an immediate allergy (Type I, IgE-mediated). However, delayed reactions can also occur, without any apparent relation to the consumption of a specific food, e.g. diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, headaches or sudden weight gain. If such symptoms occur, you might be suffering from a delayed food allergy (Type III).

Lots of Christmas recipes include ingredients such as milk, gluten, eggs and nuts. These are classified as major allergens and trigger allergic reactions (Type I allergy) in lots of people. It is important to personally be aware of allergy triggers. This is the only way to systematically avoid them, and to enjoy a carefree Christmas. Specific allergy tests can help, e.g. an IgE test, in order to detect immediate allergies. If typical Christmas cookies cause you problems, try out the following recipe which is gluten-free, milk-free and also egg-free.