Beautiful Vienna was the location for the 3rd International Scientific Advisory Board Meeting which took place in May 2017. Physicians from eight countries now form the Scientific Advisory Board. What are doctors’ and patients’ experiences with the improved ImuPro concept? Which possible new indications are there for IgG tests? These were the main questions discussed […]

In May 2015, our 2nd International Scientific Advisory Board Meeting took place in Dubai, UAE. The main topics were the improved ImuPro concept and “Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity” (NCGS). In the attractive setting of Dubai, the experts discussed the introduction of the improved ImuPro concept which had taken into account the year-long experiences gained by […]

In November 2013, the International ImuPro Scientific Advisory Board was founded in Darmstadt, Germany. This 1st meeting served mainly to provide an initial exchange between the members of the committee who come from seven countries. The ImuPro international experts represent different medical specialties; their clinical experiences with ImuPro range from patients with gastro-intestinal problems to […]

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